Impedans Trademark List

Below is a non-exhaustive list of trademarked Impedans products and devices.
The absence of a trademark is not to be regarded as a waiver of Impedans Ltd's intellectual property.

Impedans Ltd™
Semion System™
Semion Single Sensor™
Semion Multi Sensor™
Vertex System™
Vertex Single Sensor™
Vertex Multi Sensor™
Quantum System™
Quantum Single Sensor™
Quantum Multi Sensor™
Species System™
Species Single Sensor™
Species Multi Sensor™
Langmuir Probe™
Langmuir Spatial Probe™
Plato Probe™
Plato Spatial Probe™
Bdot Probe™
Bdot Spatial Probe™
Atmospherix Probe™
Atmospherix Thermal Probe™
Octiv Mono™
Octiv VI™
Octiv Poly™
Octiv Suite™
Button Probe™