Re-calibrate your Octiv VI Probe

The Impedans Octiv VI Probe is the most advanced RF sensor on the market for in-line power and impedance measurement. However, to ensure 1% true accuracy, chamber to chamber matching and process repeatability you must adhere to the standard industry practice of annual recalibration for measurement devices.

Please check the last calibration date of your Octiv and fill the form below to book your re-calibration now:

During 2022 we added some exciting new features to the Impedans Octiv Suite:

  • Octivs now report pulse frequency and duty cycle. This enables existing pulse monitoring modes to operate dynamically with changing pulse frequencies and duty cycles.
  • New Smart Pulse mode – seamless and automatic switching between CW (Continuous Wave) RF monitoring and Pulsed RF monitoring.
  • Faster and more stable data report rates available (down to 2 ms over USB).
  • Sensor now reports Energy delivered to the load, for CW RF and Pulsed RF.

To discuss how you can upgrade your Octiv, please book a call here or fill the form below.



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