Impedans Langmuir Probe: Applied Theories for Electron and Ion Collection


Elementor #9404

Webinar on Impedans Langmuir Probe

Basics of the Smith Chart

Time-resolved plasma characterization of modulated pulsed power magnetron sputtering

End-point detection of polymer etching using Langmuir Probes

Hall Effect Thruster plasma plume characterization with probe measurements and self-similar fluid models

Observation of two-temperature electrons in a sputtering magnetron plasma

A study of plasma parameters in a BAI 730 M triode ion plating system by means of a Langmuir probe and plasma mass and energy spectroscopy

Plasma diagnostics of low-pressure high-power impulse magnetron sputtering assisted by electron cyclotron wave resonance plasma

Determining the temporal evolution of negative ion density in the afterglow of reactive HiPIMS

Investigations of the phase-shift effect in capacitively coupled plasma discharges