Sputtering Plasma

Sputtering PlasmaIn sputtering, energetic particles bombard the target, therefore removing atoms. The kinetic energy of the incoming particles must be much higher than conventional thermal energies (≫ 1 eV). The process is commonly used for thin-film deposition, etching and analytical techniques.

Measuring the time resolved and space resolved ion distribution and energy is important in understanding the functioning of any specific sputter process.

Semion Sensors

The Semion Sensor measures the uniformity of ion energies hitting a surface in a plasma chamber.

SE03: Ion energy distribution measurements in RF and pulsed DC plasma discharges
The energy and flux of bombarding ions play a vital role in the etching and deposition of layers on the substrate surface. Monitoring of the flux and energy of ions arriving at the substrate in these reactors is essential for process optimization and the control of films’ microstructure.

Vertex Sensors

The Vertex Sensor measures the angle of ions hitting a surface inside a plasma reactor to analyse ion angle uniformity.

Quantum Sensors

The Quantum is a unique instrument to measure the ratio of ions to neutrals hitting a surface inside a plasma reactor.

Species Sensors

The Species Sensor measures the uniformity of ion species (mass) hitting a surface in a plasma chamber.

Langmuir Probes

The Langmuir Probe is one of the most common and widely used plasma diagnostics and measures plasma parameters in the bulk of the plasma.

LP05: Observation of two-temperature electrons in a sputtering magnetron plasma
In this study, the authors investigate the origin and significance of this electron tail, fitting Langmuir probe data with a two-temperature model.

LP07: Time-resolved plasma characterisation of modulated pulsed power magnetron sputtering using a Langmuir probe
In this study, the authors employed a Langmuir probe to measure temporally resolved electron density, ion density, electron temperature, floating potential and plasma potential during the Modulated Pulse Power Magnetron Sputtering process.

Plato Probes

The Plato Probe operates in the bulk of a plasma and measures parameters even when depositing an insulating layer up to 100 microns thick on the probe surface.

Bdot Probes

The Bdot Probe measures the time varying rate of change in the magnetic field in the bulk of the plasma.

Octiv Range

The Octiv is an in-line RF voltage, current and phase measurement system. It can measure fundamental frequencies and harmonics with frequency agility at 1% accuracy and 1µs time resolution.

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