Understanding RF Power Delivery for Plasma Processing

Webinar #3


Power delivery for plasma processing is critical to ensure process repeatability. Good RF Power coupling ensures that RF energy is getting absorbed by the plasma electrons thereby generating, sustaining, and controlling the discharges. To learn more about the theory of operation, click here. 

Impedans VI Probes can be used to measure the actual power delivered to the plasma load along with various plasma parameters like impedance & harmonics, paving the way for precise control and process optimization in various applications. The key elements of this on-demand webinar on “Understanding RF Power Delivery for Plasma Processes” are: 

  • An Introduction to RF VI Probes and an overview of the calibration techniques 
  • Application of the RF VI Probe for generator calibration and performance 
  • Chamber matching and match box characterization 
  • Live etch/deposition rate monitoring and real-time fault detection 
  • Advantages of direct power and impedance monitoring and real-time fault detection 


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