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Silicon Wafer

Substrate-level Measurement

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Langmuir Probe

Bulk Plasma Measurement

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Substrate Level Measurement

Measure the ion energies and ion flux impacting on your substrate with our RFEAs - rapidly characterize your plasma chamber under different power, pressure, frequency and gas flow conditions.

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RF Voltage-Current Probes

Our high performance Octiv VI probe can measure RF power with 1% accuracy, as well as measure impedance and RF harmonics to get a direct view of your plasma.

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Bulk Plasma Measurements

Measure the fundamental plasma parameters such as the ion density, electron temperature and plasma potential with our state-of-the-art Langmuir Probes

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Software & Resources

Download the latest software or review our research publications using these plasma measurement instruments

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Arc Detection

The Alfven is designed to detect arcing in RF plasmas with 1 microsecond resolution.

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Plasma Uniformity Measurement

The Langmuir Spatial can map out the ion density with 1 mm resolution across your plasma chamber, rapidly mapping uniformity under different process conditions

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Matchbox Characterization

The Octiv Mono can be used to characterize the power efficiency and impedance range of match boxes.

RF Matching Network Characterization

Thin Film Process Transfer

The Quantum RFEA is a hybrid between an ion energy analyzer and quartz crystal microbalance, enabling it to directly measure the ion/neutral ratio impacting a substrate surface. This is one of the key parameters for transferring thin film processes between different tools.

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Arc Detection

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Langmuir Probe
Plasma Uniformity Measurement

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Matchbox Characterization

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Semion Holders Sensors
Thin Film Process Transfer

Learn more about the Quantum RFEA

Intelligent Sensors for RF & Plasma Processing

Impedans provide you with intelligent sensing platforms for radio-frequency (RF) and plasma process monitoring. Our products find applications in fundamental research, process development, tool design, process control and fault detection and classification (FDC). We serve a wide range of industries, due to the ubiquitous nature of RF and plasma processing, such as semiconductor, vacuum coating, medical device, hard disk and aerospace among many others.

What Our Clients Say

“Impedans provides unique products, timely support, and always welcome customer’s feedback to further improve their product. It is a delight to work with Impedans’ development team”   

Samer Bana, Head of Engineering Logic Conductor Etch | Applied Materials, USA  

“Impedans have been superb. Their customer service is great. The guys there respond very quickly”

Dr. Pedro Costa, Pinto Senior Division Member | Technology Department, CERN, Switzerland

“I would recommend Impedans to anyone seeking plasma measurement systems”

Prof Richard van de Sanden, Director | Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, The Netherlands

“Impedans are a pleasure to work with. They are friendly, accommodating and patient”

Dr. Jean-Francois de Marneffe, Senior Process Engineer | IMEC, Belgium

“The Semion system together with Impedans’ friendly and immediate customer service – an effective team for plasma analysis”

Dr. Thomas Plach, EV Group | Austria

“Impedans provide an excellent product and their customer service is great”

Dr. Cormac Corr, Plasma Research Laboratory | Australian National University, Australia

“Impedans are a pleasure to work with. The excellent customer service makes a real difference to me”

Dr. Mark Bowden, Senior Lecturer in Physics | The Open University, UK

“Impedans provide exciting instruments to measure plasma. I very much look forward to their product updates.”

Dr. Vitezslav Stranak, Institute of Physics | University of Greifswald, Germany
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