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As the team at Impedans, we take great pride in the contributions our products make to research institutes around the world. Our innovative plasma measurement tools provide researchers with the ability to gather detailed and accurate data on plasma behavior, enabling them to advance the understanding of plasma and make informed decisions about the design and optimization of plasma processing equipment. This level of precision is particularly important in fields such as nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing, where even small variations in plasma performance can have a significant impact on the quality and yield of the final product. With our solutions, researchers can trust that they are obtaining reliable data that will drive new discoveries and push the boundaries of their respective fields forward.


"Impedans have been superb. Their customer service is great. The team there respond very quickly"
Dr. Pedro Costa
Pinto Senior Division member | Technology Department, CERN, Switzerland

Fundamental Research

Impedans sensors are widely utilized in plasma physics research to accurately measure and analyze plasma and RF properties.

Equipment Development

Impedans sensors play a crucial role in the development of modern equipment by providing precise measurements of plasma and RF properties and allowing for real-time monitoring and optimization

Process Development

Our sensors are valuable tools in plasma process development, allowing real-time monitoring of the plasma and helping optimize the conditions for specific applications

RF Power Calibration

Impedans technology is widely used as a calibration and verification standard for RF, providing a precise and reliable method for measuring and comparing RF properties.

Process Monitoring

Our sensors are widely used for process monitoring in various industries, providing precise and real-time measurements of plasma properties and enabling effective control and optimization

Maintenance & Repair

We provide essential tools for maintenance and repair providing real-time measurements of plasma and rf properties, allowing technicians to quickly identify and resolve issues with equipment

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