Process Development

Impedans Limited is a leading provider of sensors and instrumentation that can measure a range of plasma parameters, including ion energy, ion flux, plasma density, electron temperature, RF power, and impedance. These key parameters are crucial for your plasma process design and optimization in various industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing, surface treatment, and plasma research. Impedans’ sensors can be used to optimize a range of plasma-based processes, including; 

  • Plasma Etching (such as reactive ion etching, deep reactive ion etching, and ion beam etching)
  • Plasma Deposition (such as plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition and magnetron sputtering)
  • Plasma Surface activation (such as plasma cleaning, plasma polymerization, plasma oxidation, plasma nitriding, plasma hydrogenation, and plasma activation with noble gases). 

By providing real-time data on these parameters, our sensors can help to improve the performance, quality, and efficiency of these processes, enabling businesses and researchers to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we are helping to drive innovation and progress in plasma processing, making it possible for companies and researchers to achieve their desired outcomes with precision and confidence.

"Impedans are a pleasure to work with. They are friendly accommodating and patient."
Dr Jean-Francois de Marneffe
Senior Process Engineer | IMEC, Belgium

Fundamental Research

Our technology helps users to understand plasma. Understanding plasma more enables more innovative advances in plasma manufacturing equipment and process’

Theory/Model Validation

Our sensors allow theories and models to be verified. This allows the models to be used instead of physcial testing to reduce the cost and time it takes for a new plasma tool or process to get to market.

Process Performance

Live monitoring of the plasma parameters enables the user to understand and control the speed and quality of the process in real time reducing the need for costly metrology steps and reducing the time to market for the tool.

Process Transfer

The time required to transfer a process to another tool is drastically reduced by our sensor. Troublehooting can be conducted in real time on the tool and compared to the process standard before scheduling any costly metrology.

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