Langmuir Probe

  • Measure Key Plasma Parameters Live

    Measure the key plasma parameters such as electron temperature, ion density, plasma potential and electron energy distribution function.

  • Easy Installation

    Our Langmuir Probe systems are modular and can be quickly and easily installed on chambers with various flange options. Our probes are also compatible with almost all chamber types.

  • Intuitive Software

    Our software, which can be installed on any PC or laptop, is very intuitive and user friendly.

  • Spatial Measurements

    All of the products in our Langmuir range come with an optional linear drive. This can be used to automatically scan across the wafer and spatially characterize your plasma.

  • Multiple Probe Head Options with Replaceable Tips

    All of our langmuir systems come with options for single probe, double probe, planar, spherical and mach probe heads where the heads can be interchanged and the tips can be easily replaced.

  • 100's of Publications

    Our Langmuir probe Systems have been used in 100's of publications and are accepted withing the community as a reliable data source.

  • Multiple Probe Models

    We have multiple models including fixed shaft and flexible shaft versions which allow for easy installation in all scenarios.

  • RF Filters

    Our Langmuir Probe systems come with inbuilt RF filters which allow ensure the accuracy of the data.

  • Automatic Tip Cleaning

    Our Langmuir Probe systems come with the ability to clean automatically in the plasma using ion bombardment.

The Langmuir Probe is one of the most widely used plasma measurement instruments. It is used to measure the characteristics of the bulk plasma region. The Impedans Langmuir Probe System measures the key plasma parameters such as plasma potential, charged particle density (electron & ion) and the electron temperature using the most advanced theoretical models available. Langmuir probe measurements provide the user with fundamental insights into the physical phenomena that govern plasma behaviour. With an 80 MS/s sampling rate, pulse profiling and single shot plasmas can be measured with unrivaled time resolution.

VI curve and second derivative for a Single Langmuir Probe.

Measure the key parameters of your plasma so that you can understand and control the outcome.

Measure the parameters in real time, allowing you to make changes and monitor the effects live, saving hours of unnecessary setup and waiting.

Our Langmuir systems are very easy to install in any plasma chamber. The system is small enough to be easily portable meaning a single system can be used in multiple chambers. It has a main electronics unit and a probe with vacuum feedthrough. The probe comes with a CF40 flange but we can also provide adapters to alternative flanges as needed.

Our linear drives also come with a CF40 flange but adapters can be provided.

Our software has been designed to be easy to use and can be installed on any laptop or PC.

Once installed the software allows the user to configure the system, run the scan, visualize the data and import/export data as needed.

The system will automatically apply the complex langmuir probe algorithms to present the calculated parameters. The user also has the option to chose between several algorithms.

Our systems come with an optional linear drive which allows you to scan spatially across your plasma. The software communicates with the linear drive allowing you to control the positioning and plot the data within the software saving you time and effort when analyzing your data.

The linear drives come with bellows support, a full cover and manual readouts.

Impedans Langmuir Probe Heads (Twin Heads, Mach and Spherical Heads)

All of our langmuir probes come with replaceable tips meaning they can easily be replaced when maintenance is required. We have several tip and material options to choose from to best suit your application. 

Our Langmuir Probes have been used in many publications across the world. They have been accepted by the community as a go to source of plasma data that is trusted and reliable. This means you can rest assured that your data is accurate, reliable and will not be questioned, giving your research more credibility and a higher acceptance rate.

Check out the link here for a sample of the publications where our probes have been used.

Available Models

Impedans Langmuir Probe Langmuir Electronics Box

Electronics Unit


Impedans Langmuir Probe Heads (Twin Heads, Mach and Spherical Heads)

Replaceable Tips

Part Number Description Current Range
Langmuir Probe | Eletronics Unit
1.5uA - 1A
Langmuir Probe | Electronics Unit
15nA - 150mA
Langmuir Probe | Electronics Unit
1.5nA - 15mA
Part Number Product Name Description

Fixed Probe 10mm

10 mm OD, rigid, Alumina Shaft

Fixed Probe 6.5mm

6.5mm OD rigid, ceramic coated stainless steel shaft

Feed-through for flexible shaft models

Feed-through for flexible Langmuir Probes

Flexible 10mm Shaft

Rigid tip section with flexible ceramic beaded cable

Flexible 6.5mm Shaft

Rigid tip section with flexible ceramic beaded cable

*Information on Multiple Tip Styles Available Upon Request