Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Our sensors are used for maintenance and repair of plasma processing equipment. One important application of our sensors is the calibration and verification of RF generators and match units. Our sensors can measure the reflected power and forward power of the RF signal, allowing for accurate calibration and verification of the generator and match unit. This helps to ensure that the RF signal is being delivered efficiently to the plasma, resulting in optimal plasma performance and reduced downtime.

Another key application of our sensors is predictive maintenance and fault detection and classification. The real-time data from our sensors can be monitored to correlate with the performance of the plasma processing equipment, allowing you to identify any potential issues before they become major problems. This allows for timely maintenance and repair, reducing downtime and increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Our sensors can detect a wide range of faults, including arc detection, load mismatches, pressure changes and wafer misplacement. By analyzing the data from our sensors, we can classify the fault and provide information on the root cause. This helps to streamline the maintenance process and reduce the time required to identify and fix the issue.

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Prof Richard Van De Sanden

RF Power Calibration

Our sensors are used by manufacturers to calibrate the power output by rf generators and by end users to verify the performance of new/repaired rf generators.

RF Match Unit Characterization

RF match units can be verified by mapping their impedance range and efficiency by manufactueres and end users.

Predictive Maintenance

Our sensors enable predictive maintenance by early detection of faults saving time on unneccesary scheduled maintenance.

Fault Detection & Classification

Reduce costly down time and increase overall efficiency by detecting and classifying faults using the data provided by our sensors.

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