Predictive Maintenance

We understand the importance of predictive maintenance in ensuring the reliability and uptime of your plasma processing systems. Our RF sensors can be used to monitor your processes live and detect changes that could signal a failure is about to occur, allowing for early intervention and maintenance to prevent downtime and unplanned shutdowns.

Our RF sensors provide real-time monitoring of RF parameters, including power and impedance for all fundamental and harmonic frequencies allowing for early detection of a range of faults, including vacuum leaks, gas flow issues, RF generator issues, RF match unit issues, tool wear, and wafer misplacement. By detecting these issues early, maintenance can be scheduled proactively, reducing downtime and preventing costly repairs.

Our sensors are designed to be easy to install and integrate seamlessly with your existing plasma processing systems. They are also highly accurate, providing reliable data that you can trust to make informed decisions about your maintenance schedule.

In addition to our RF sensors, we also offer a range of software solutions that can help you monitor and analyze your plasma processing data. Our software solutions are intuitive and user-friendly, and come with easy to use APIs which allow you to analyze your plasma processing data, enabling you to identify trends and patterns that could signal a potential issue before it becomes a major problem.

Overall, our RF sensors can help you maximize uptime and minimize downtime, ensuring that your plasma processing systems are always operating at peak performance. Whether you are looking to prevent equipment failure, reduce maintenance costs, or increase productivity, our RF sensors can help you achieve your goals.

Bulk Plasma Sensors

Best for: Ion flux, spatial resolution, time resolution

Measures: ion density, electron temperature, plasma potential, ion flux

Substrate Level Sensors

Best for: Ion Energy

Measures: Ion Energy, Ion Flux, Aspect Ratio, Deposition Rate

RF Sensors

Impedans RF Voltage Current Probe - Octiv Poly 2.0

Best for: RF Calibration, RF Parameters, Live Process Monitoring, Fault Detection & Classification

Measures: RF Voltage, Current, Phase, Power and Impedance of the fundamental and harmonic frequencies. Also measures RF waveform and ion flux

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