Equipment Development

At Impedans Limited, we help equipment makers in a range of industries to develop and optimize high-performance plasma equipment for processes such as plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), reactive ion etching (RIE), deep reactive ion etching (DRIE), plasma cleaning and more. Our sensors and instrumentation can measure critical plasma-related parameters such as ion energy, ion flux, plasma density, electron temperature, RF power, and impedance, allowing equipment makers to improve their processes’ efficiency and reliability. We also assist with plasma surface activation, including plasma nitridation, oxidation, and polymerization. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise in atmospheric pressure plasma treatment, corona discharge treatment, and dielectric barrier discharge treatment enable us to offer a range of solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements. At Impedans, we are committed to helping equipment makers drive innovation, improve productivity, and meet the highest industry standards in a range of applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, surface treatment, and plasma research.

"The Semion system together with Impedans’ friendly and immediate customer service – an effective team for plasma analysis"
Dr. Thomas Plach
EV Group | Austria

Fundamental Research

Our technology helps users to understand plasma. Understanding plasma more enables more innovative advances in plasma manufacturing equipment and process’

Theory/Model Validation

Our sensors allow theories and models to be verified. This allows the models to be used instead of physcial testing to reduce the cost and time it takes for a new plasma tool or process to get to market.

Tool Characterization

New tools can be characterized so that the limits and variables of the system can be understood. This ensures the tool can meet the demand of the market.

Process Performance

Live monitoring of the plasma parameters enables the user to understand and control the speed and quality of the process in real time reducing the need for costly metrology steps and reducing the time to market for the tool.

Live Process Monitoring

During the design stage many of our sensors are integrated to enable predictive fault detection, end-point detection and live plasma monitoring increasing yield and throughput of the tool.

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