Moduli RF Event Detector

  • Proximity Installation

    The Moduli RF detectors do not require any tool modification and can pick up RF anywhere RF is present.

  • Detect & Categorize Arcs

    Detect arcs that could be damaging your product and classify them into categories based on amplitude and duration.

  • Monitor RF Pulses

    Monitor ON-yime, pulse frequency and duty cycle of every pulse and report on deviations.

  • Intuitive Software

    Our software, which can be installed on any PC or laptop, is very intuitive and user friendly.

  • Recipe Function

    Adjust the sensors settings automatically for complex multi step plasma processes.

  • Snapshot Function

    Take a snapshot of events or at a dedicated time to check pulse shape.

The Moduli RF Event Detector is an advanced, all-in-one diagnostic instrument for plasma arc detection and RF pulse monitoring. The Moduli architecture enables real-time processing of RF measurements with one microsecond resolution. It is designed to detect and characterize arcs while simultaneously monitoring every RF pulse to check that each pulse is within a predefined specification. Arcs and misfiring RF pulses can lead to wafer defects, therefore, the Moduli RF Event Detector is an essential tool for rapid troubleshooting and 24/7 monitoring

The RF Event Detectors are a non-invasive solution for plasma monitoring. This Radio Emission Spectroscopy (RES) tool can be placed anywhere outside the plasma source where small RF leakage is present – at a window port, for example.

The antenna is split into two parts; an antenna pick-up which can be inserted within the chamber RF shielding manifold and the circuitry which remains outside. This allows measurement within the RF environment.

The sensor monitors and classifies the number of arcs per process, which can lead to undesirable particle creation, generating a summary report for the process.

The classification of the arcs is configurable within the software, allowing the user to set severity bands based on arc amplitude and duration.

The sensors have a 1 μs resolution for arcs (with adjustable noise filter).

The sensors monitor ON-time, pulse frequency and duty cycle of every pulse and works for ON-OFF and multi-level pulsing (up to 3 levels). The resolution of the sensors is 1 μs for atypical pulses (with adjustable noise filter).

Max., min. and average voltage and current are also reported
during pulses to monitor “overshoot”.

The sensors report on deviations from user configured
acceptance limits which can be configured in the software. 

Our software has been designed to be easy to use and can be installed on any laptop or PC.

Once installed the software allows the user to configure the system, run the scan, visualize the data and import/export data as needed.

The sensors come with a recipe function which allows the user to instruct the sensor to adjust settings automatically to follow complex, multi-step plasma processes. This allows the sensors to be used for process where the pulse scheme changes during a single run.

The sensor comes with a snapshot feature which allows you to take a snapshot of any events but also to schedule snapshots so that you can periodically monitor the pulsing characteristics. This saves  time and cost to set up directional coupler-to-oscilloscope measurements.

Available Models

Impedans RF Remote Sensor - Moduli RF Spectrometer

Acquisition Unit

Impedans RF Remote Sensor - Moduli RF Spectrometer


Part Number Part Frequency Range Notes
Acquisiton Unit
350kHz - 500MHz
Compatible with all antennas
Acquisition Unit

40kHz - 2MHz

Compatible with all antennas
RF Antenna - 1x

40kHz - 500MHZ

E and B Channel
RF Antenna - 100x

40kHz - 60MHz

10x E & 100x B Channel