Impedans provide you with intelligent sensing platforms for radio-frequency (RF) and plasma process monitoring. Our products find applications in fundamental research, process development, tool design, process control and fault detection and classification (FDC). We serve a wide range of industries, due to the ubiquitous nature of RF and plasma processing, such as semiconductor, vacuum coating, medical device, hard disk and aerospace among many others.

Our value proposition is that we provide you with an independent diagnosis of your process health, using intelligent, network-enabled sensing platforms, in conjunction with our vast experience in RF and plasma systems, to help you solve the most complex processing issues.


Our Purpose

Our company exists because we believe in the science of measurement. We believe that accurate process measurement is critical for the future of nano-scale manufacturing, where process stability and repeatability are paramount to delivering the technology of the future. We measure parameters and processes under some of the most extreme environments encountered on earth. We measure things often considered impossible. #MeasuringTheImpossible.

Our Vision

Our intelligent sensing platforms integrated on all plasma and RF processing equipment to enable atomic-scale engineering for the advancement of nano-technology.

Our Mission

Creating intelligent sensing platforms for advanced plasma and RF manufacturing processes, to improve process performance and reduce product scrap.

Our Core Values

At Impedans, we make every decision based on our core values. Our core values define the way we interact with each other, with our customers and with our suppliers.

  • Integrity and good communication
  • Speed and response
  • Commitment and passion
  • Innovation
  • Support and improvement
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