Moduli RF Spectrometer

The RF Spectrometer is a radio-frequency (RF) detector that directly monitors the harmonics emitted by a plasma from outside the plasma chamber. The sensor is best used in scenarios where integrating an in-line RF sensor is physically impossible. The sensor has been used for endpoint detection and fault detection on production tools. It has demonstrated superior performance to optical techniques for low open area endpoint applications. It has also been proven to detect air leaks, wafer displacement and other serious plasma faults. Simply mount the RF antenna either on the viewport, a matchbox fan or through the matchbox wall to start process characterization

The RF Event Detectors are a non-invasive solution for plasma monitoring. This Radio Emission Spectroscopy (RES) tool can be placed anywhere outside the plasma source where small RF leakage is present – at a window port, for example.

The antenna is split into two parts; an antenna pick-up which can be inserted within the chamber RF shielding manifold and the circuitry which remains outside. This allows measurement within the RF environment.

The RF Spectrometer measures parameters that correlate with the electric and magentic fields emitted by the plasma. These parameters can be used in applications to detect end-point and faults.

Available Models

Impedans RF Remote Sensor - Moduli RF Spectrometer

Acquisition Unit

Impedans RF Remote Sensor - Moduli RF Spectrometer


Part Number Part Frequency Range Notes
Acquisiton Unit
350kHz - 500MHz
Compatible with all antennas
Acquisition Unit

40kHz - 2MHz

Compatible with all antennas
RF Antenna - 1x

40kHz - 500MHz

E and B Channel with phases
RF Antenna - 100x

40kHz - 60MHz

10x Volatge & 100x Current Channel