Substrate Level Measurement
Semion RFEA System
The Semion Retarding Field Energy Analyser (RFEA) system measures the ion flux and ion energy distribution hitting a surface in real-time using an imitation substrate (holder plate) with integrated sensors.
Semion 3 keV System
The Semion 3 keV is a Single Sensor that can be placed at any location inside a plasma reactor and measures the energy of ions hitting a surface with an RF Bias of up to 3kV peak-peak.
Semion Pulsed DC
The Semion Pulsed DC system is a precision plasma measurement instrument used to measure the time dependence of the ion energy distribution function (IEDF) arriving at a surface in a plasma chamber.
Quantum RFEA System
The Quantum system is comprised of a retarding field energy analyser with integrated quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), used to measure the ion energy distribution function (IEDF) and the ion-neutral deposition ratio at a surface inside a plasma reactor.
RF Voltage-Current (VI) Probes
Octiv Mono 2.0
Accurate in-line RF Power and Impedance measurement in CW and pulsed RF applications.
Octiv Poly 2.0
The future of real-time plasma process monitoring
Octiv Suite 2.0
For your RF plasma measurement and control applications Harmonic frequency spectrum, ion flux and waveform analysis.
Moduli RF Spectrometer
For advanced RF plasma measurement and control applications
Moduli RF Event Detector
For comprehensive RF pulse monitoring, ARC detection and categorisation
Alfven | Plasma Arc Detector | Pulsed RF Monitoring
Precision RF Pulse Monitor and Arc Detector Detect and categorise arcing in plasma production tools. Real-time monitor for Pulsed RF generator performance.
Bulk Plasma Measurement
Langmuir Probe System
The Langmuir Probe is one of the most common and widely used plasma diagnostics and measures parameters in the bulk of the plasma. The Impedans Langmuir Probe System measures the key plasma parameters such as floating potential, plasma potential, plasma density, ion current density, electron energy distribution function, electron temperature.
Plato Probe System
The Plato Probe is a planar Langmuir Probe designed to work in deposition plasmas when an insulating film is deposited on the probe surface. It can measure plasma parameters such as plasma density, ion current density and electron temperature.
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