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Moduli RF Event Detector

The Moduli RF Event Detector is an advanced, all-in-one diagnostic instrument for plasma arc detection and RF pulse monitoring. The Moduli architecture enables real-time processing of RF measurements with one microsecond resolution. It is designed to detect and characterise arcs while simultaneously monitoring every RF pulse to check that each pulse is within a predefined specification. Arcs and misfiring RF pulses can lead to wafer defects, therefore, the Moduli RF Event Detector is an essential tool for rapid troubleshooting and 24/7 monitoring.

Key Features
1 μs resolution for arcs and atypical pulses simultaneously (with adjustable noise filter).
Configurable arc and pulse classification widgets.
Monitors ON-time, pulse frequency and duty cycle of every pulse.
Reports on deviations from user configured acceptance limits.
ON-OFF and multi-level pulsing (up to 3 levels).
Max., min. and average voltage and current reported during pulses to monitor “overshoot”.
“Snapshot” function to view pulse profile at a given time.
Recipe function to instruct the sensor to adjust settings automatically to follow complex, multi-step plasma processes.
Key Benefits
Quickly determine if arcs or atypical pulses are responsible for wafer defects.
Pulse snapshot feature avoids inconvenient directional coupler-to-oscilloscope setup.
Monitor average pulse frequency and duty cycle of each process step with the recipe feature.
Monitor the number of arcs per process, which can lead to undesirable particle creation.
On-board, intelligent data processing – microsecond data reported when requested.
On-board memory to store data during network outage.
Generates summary reports for your process.

Acquisition Unit

Connect your Impedans MODULI RF Spectrometer directly to your computer using various connector options.

Model TypesPartFrequency Range


Acquisition Unit

350 kHz - 500 MHz


Acquisition Unit

40 kHz - 2 MHz


RF Antenna

Model TypesPartFrequency Range


RF Antenna - 1x

40 kHz - 500 MHz


RF Antenna - 100x

40 kHz - 60 MHz

General Specifications
Antenna Power
5 Vdc, 4.1 mm jack
Antenna Form Factor
[40 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm] & custom
Antenna Communication
2 x SMA coaxial cables
Acquisition Unit Power Requirements
24 Vdc, 0.5 A, 4.1 mm jack
Acquisition Unit Interfaces
Micro USB, Serial, Ethernet
Acquisition Unit Protocols
HTTP Web Service
Acquisition Unit Form Factor
[122 mm x 70 mm x 41 mm]
Connectivity (Impedans Software)
Communication Protocols (Standard)
HTTP Web Service
Measurement Parameter Specifications
Output Parameters
V & I [Uncalibrated]
Current and Voltage Ranges
Arbitary [Adjustable Gain]
Voltage & Current Accuracy

Software Screenshots

High - Low – Off multi level pulse.
Example from a PECVD chamber with poor seasoning.
Arc Data showing how the length of the arc is defined.
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