Other Industries

At Impedans Limited, we are committed to providing our cutting-edge technology and expertise to a diverse range of customers in various markets not already listed. Our sensors and instrumentation can measure critical plasma-related parameters such as ion energy, ion flux, plasma density, electron temperature, RF power, and impedance, allowing us to help resaerch, develop equipment and optimize plasma processes for our customers. We are equipped to assist customers in a broad range of fields, from vacuum coating, solar, aerospace to medical device manufacturing and more. Whether you require fundamental plasma research and understanding, high-performance plasma equipment development or help in developing and optimizing plasma processes, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

"Impedans provide an excellent product and their customer service is great"
Dr. Cormac Corr
Plasma Research Laboratory | Australian National University, Australia

Vacuum Coating

Our sensors and instrumentation are used to develop high-quality thin films for various applications.


Our expertise in plasma surface activation helps customers to improve the efficiency of their solar cells



Our sensor help improve the performance of material coatings and thruster performance as well as fundamental plasma research.


Our sensor help improve the performance of material coatings and thruster performance.

Medical Device Manufacture

Our sensors help to improve the performance, yield and throughput of surface activation processes in the medical device market.

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Fundamental Research

Impedans sensors are widely utilized in plasma physics research to accurately measure and analyze plasma and RF properties.

Equipment Development

Impedans sensors play a crucial role in the development of modern equipment by providing precise measurements of plasma and RF properties and allowing for real-time monitoring and optimization

Process Development

Our sensors are valuable tools in plasma process development, allowing real-time monitoring of the plasma and helping optimize the conditions for specific applications

RF Power Calibration

Impedans technology is widely used as a calibration and verification standard for RF, providing a precise and reliable method for measuring and comparing RF properties.

Process Monitoring

Our sensors are widely used for process monitoring in various industries, providing precise and real-time measurements of plasma properties and enabling effective control and optimization

Maintenance & Repair

We provide essential tools for maintenance and repair providing real-time measurements of plasma and rf properties, allowing technicians to quickly identify and resolve issues with equipment