RF Power Calibration

At Impedans Ltd, we provide advanced RF power sensors that can be used as a calibration standard in the manufacturing process for RF generators. Our sensors are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of RF power and impedance, which are critical parameters for RF generator calibration.

During the manufacturing process, our RF sensors can be used to calibrate the RF generator by providing a reference for the RF power and impedance measurements. This ensures that the RF generator produces the desired output power and is operating at the correct impedance.

Using our RF sensors as a calibration standard in the manufacturing process for RF generators provides several benefits, including increased manufacturing throughput, improved product quality, reduced manufacturing costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to the manufacturing process, our RF sensors can also be used for RF power and impedance measurements in various applications semiconductor processing. Our sensors enable users to optimize the RF power and impedance parameters, improve process stability, and reduce process variability.

Bulk Plasma Sensors

Best for: Ion flux, spatial resolution, time resolution

Measures: ion density, electron temperature, plasma potential, ion flux

Substrate Level Sensors

Best for: Ion Energy

Measures: Ion Energy, Ion Flux, Aspect Ratio, Deposition Rate

RF Sensors

Impedans RF Voltage Current Probe - Octiv Poly 2.0

Best for: RF Calibration, RF Parameters, Live Process Monitoring, Fault Detection & Classification

Measures: RF Voltage, Current, Phase, Power and Impedance of the fundamental and harmonic frequencies. Also measures RF waveform and ion flux

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