RF Match Unit Characterization

One important application of our RF sensors is in the characterization of RF match units. An RF match unit is an electronic circuit that is used to match the impedance of an RF power source to the impedance of a load, such as a plasma. This matching is necessary to ensure that the maximum amount of power is transferred from the source to the load.

Our RF sensors can be used to create a Smith Chart map of the impedance range over which the RF match unit is capable of matching. By plotting the impedance values returned from our sensor as the match unit motors move over their full range of motion on a Smith Chart, we can determine the range of impedances over which the match unit is capable of matching.

In addition to creating a Smith Chart map of the impedance range, our RF sensors can also be used to measure the efficiency of the match unit over its range of possible impedances. This measurement is important because it allows us to determine how well the match unit is performing and identify any potential issues that may be affecting its performance.

By using our RF sensors to characterize RF match units, we can help our customers to optimize their plasma processes and achieve the best possible results. Our sensors are easy to use and provide accurate and reliable measurements, making them the perfect tool for any plasma researcher or engineer.

Bulk Plasma Sensors

Best for: Ion flux, spatial resolution, time resolution

Measures: ion density, electron temperature, plasma potential, ion flux

Substrate Level Sensors

Best for: Ion Energy

Measures: Ion Energy, Ion Flux, Aspect Ratio, Deposition Rate

RF Sensors

Impedans RF Voltage Current Probe - Octiv Poly 2.0

Best for: RF Calibration, RF Parameters, Live Process Monitoring, Fault Detection & Classification

Measures: RF Voltage, Current, Phase, Power and Impedance of the fundamental and harmonic frequencies. Also measures RF waveform and ion flux

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