Impedans Year in Review – Dr David Gahan, CEO


“It has been another strong year of revenue growth for Impedans. The need to measure and characterize process performance is driving demand for our patented diagnostic sensors. Our scientific instrument portfolio provides the key data needed by research and development to understand the fundamental physical properties that guide new process development.  

We have also experienced strong growth in our OEM integrated sensor business. Our sensors are being integrated with semiconductor manufacturing equipment to monitor process performance, in real-time, to provide early diagnosis of machine ill-health. This enables corrective action to be taken to prevent product scrappage.  

Strong revenue growth over the last number of years has led to the creation of many high-tech jobs and headcount has grown significantly during this period. We raised a series B funding round of €3.5M in the second half of 2021 to fuel this growth and to put the fundamental buildings blocks in place to allow us to scale in a sustainable way.  

The well-publicized macroeconomic and geopolitical headwinds have not made this growth easy. The semiconductor supply chain disruptions posed one of the biggest problems for us, making it difficult to source key components for our products. However, strong execution by our manufacturing and supply chain teams allowed us to limit the impact on our product shipments. We are pleased to see improvements in the global supply chain problems and are seeing more availability of the key components needed across the industry.  

The outlook for Impedans in 2023 and beyond is bright. Our solutions are seen by our customers as essential for productivity enhancement in the manufacturing process, as well as an integral part of their R&D toolkit.  

I am delighted to close 2022 on a high with Impedans featuring again in the Deloitte fast50 awards. It reflects the great commitment and passion shown by our team to execute relentlessly, regardless of the barriers put in our way.”