Mayor’s office of China’s Silicon Valley interrogates Irish high technology Company

Deputy District Mayor Liu Zhiyong, PhD, of Shenzhen (also known as China’s hardware Silicon Valley) at a meeting today in Dublin with Irish technology company Impedans Ltd. The Deputy Mayor is chasing high quality technology companies to establish in Shenzhen which has grown from a population of 300,000 to over 13 Million people in the last three decades.

Liu Zhiyong became very excited to hear that Impedans, the world’s leading plasma measurement company, now has the most advanced algorithms available to monitor the rapidly growing area of pulsed rf plasma, and that the company can achieve data report rates down to the microsecond level. Impedans also revealed their product pipeline, including a wireless wafer system for ion energy uniformity measurement and smart sensors that can be integrated into semiconductor equipment. Dr. Liu was also impressed with the investors and customers who are engaged with Impedans, which includes Chinese firms.

China currently manufactures a small percentage of the worlds semiconductor chips, but with the aggressive plans outlined by the Chinese government agencies this will change rapidly over the next decade. This is an incredible opportunity for a company like Impedans!