Process End Point Detection

At Impedans, we use RF sensors to detect changes in the plasma during plasma processes. These changes can be correlated with the end point of the process. The end point of a plasma process is the point at which a specific layer of material has been completely removed or a new layer of material has been exposed.

RF sensors are particularly effective in detecting changes in the plasma chemistry because they are sensitive to the electrical properties of the plasma. When the plasma interacts with a new layer of material or removes all of a layer of material, the chemistry of the plasma changes. This change in the plasma chemistry is detected by the RF sensor, allowing for accurate end point detection.

Our end point detection technology is particularly useful in semiconductor manufacturing, where precise control of the plasma process is crucial for the fabrication of high-quality electronic devices. Our RF sensors can detect the end point of plasma processes used in the fabrication of integrated circuits, solar cells, and other electronic devices. By accurately detecting the end point of these processes, our technology helps to ensure that the manufacturing process is optimized, reducing wastage and improving the overall quality of the product.

Bulk Plasma Sensors

Best for: Ion flux, spatial resolution, time resolution

Measures: ion density, electron temperature, plasma potential, ion flux

Substrate Level Sensors

Best for: Ion Energy

Measures: Ion Energy, Ion Flux, Aspect Ratio, Deposition Rate

RF Sensors

Impedans RF Voltage Current Probe - Octiv Poly 2.0

Best for: RF Calibration, RF Parameters, Live Process Monitoring, Fault Detection & Classification

Measures: RF Voltage, Current, Phase, Power and Impedance of the fundamental and harmonic frequencies. Also measures RF waveform and ion flux

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