Understanding Ion Energies for Plasma Processes

Webinar #2


RFEAs have been used for decades to measure IEDs (Ion Energy Distribution) in plasma discharges. Their bulky design and the differential pumping required for the device to operate even at the low pressures encountered in many plasma processes, meant that success was limited. 

However, the Impedans RFEA is constructed from process compatible materials and the sensor’s miniature size allows it to be mounted on the substrate or any other surface inside the reactor.

To learn how this design has achieved huge success in measuring the ion energy distribution in our on-demand webinar. The key elements are:

  • How ions behave in different tools under different conditions.
  • About a wide range of RFEA applications in the industry.
  • How an Ion Energy Analyzer is built and how it works.
  • Measuring the Ion Flux and Ion Energy incident on your substrate


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