Designed to Characterise Plasma Parameters Driving ALD/ALE Process

The Semion Single Sensor is a Retarding Field Energy Analyser (RFEA). It is placed at any location inside a plasma reactor and measures the energy of ions hitting a surface using a single measurement sensor.

This retarding field analyser (RFA) is a fundamental plasma diagnostic to measure the ion energy distribution function, Ion flux, negative ions and bias voltage.



ALD/ALE Processes

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a type of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). With the help of ALD improved control of film deposition can be achieved by splitting the deposition process into half-reactions.

Impedans Ion Energy Analysers provide critical insights into ALD/ALE processes – we have summarised the latest research papers that have used the Semion and Quantum RFEAs to study ALD/ALE plasmas in our newest application roundup.

Semion ALD/ALE Roundup

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