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Atmospheric pressure plasmas are used for a wide variety of applications. A major advantage of atmospheric plasmas is that no vacuum equipment is required to create low pressure environments. Some of the applications include surface sterilization, for medical equipment and food containers, and surface activation in preparation for bonding or adhesion across many industries.
Impedans offer a range of products suitable for monitoring atmospheric plasma process. We have products suited for research and development work such as process development or new tool design. We also have products for live monitoring of process tools during production. Atmospheric plasma types that may be suitable for our diagnostics include:

Plasma Flames | Plasma Torches | Plasma Jets | Dielectric Barrier Discharges (DBD) | RF Atmospheric Plasma

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Atmospheric Plasma

Atmospheric pressure plasma sources are being developed for new applications, particularly for medical and textile markets. Measuring these plasmas is a challenge, since most diagnostics are focused on measurements at vacuum pressures.

However, the Langmuir Double Probe can measure the ion densities and electron temperatures needed to model the chemistry happening in high pressure plasmas.

Impedans Langmuir Double probe is one of the most widely used atmospheric plasma measurement tools. The following roundup summarizes the first set of publications using the Impedans Double Langmuir Probe in atmospheric pressure conditions.

Langmuir Double Probe in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

For RF-driven atmospheric plasmas, the Octiv VI probe can give a window into the processes occurring in the plasma. The next roundup focuses on electrical characterization of atmospheric plasmas, and the insights they give into the plasma properties.

Octiv VI Probe in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma




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