RF Sensing For The Most Challenging Applications

RF power is used in many industries and there is an essential requirement to be able to measure it accurately. RF power used in Telecommunications and Broadcast, RF sterilization, RF heating, Radar and the Semiconductor and related industries. Transmission line affects and complex load impedances make it difficult to deliver RF power with maximum efficiency unless great care is taken. Accurate power measurement is therefore crucial.

Impedans offer a range of products for RF power monitoring including in-line power meters for 50 Ohm applications and VI probes for non-50 Ohm applications. We have products suited for research and development and we also have products for live monitoring of RF equipment in production.

“We’ve spent years developing our RF sensing platform so that you can measure your RF with confidence”


Our advanced RF calibration laboratory. It houses our RF calorimetric power standard and RF impedance standard, used for calibrating our range of high precision power, impedance and voltage/current sensors. Our advanced techniques for RF standards transfer deliver the most accurate RF sensors available on the market.

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Octiv Range – 1% Accuracy

Our Octiv range has 1% power measurement accuracy for VSWR up to 6.0:1 for general purpose power metering. It also has very accurate impedance measurement accuracy verified over a wide range of impedances. It is compatible with RF pulsing and RF frequency tuning making it a must have device for RF manufacturing in semiconductor and plasma processing industries. Advanced, NIST traceable, calibration methodology ensures that accuracy is maintained across the widest VSWR range available in the market


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