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Plasma measurement is an integral part of space related and military research. Applications include plasma thruster research for satellite and rocket propulsion. The radio blackout period during space craft re-entry, caused by plasma formation, is an impotant area of research. The plasma environment in space is being investigated using plasma diagnostics since it can affect inter-spacecraft docking. Explosion research for military applications is another area utilising plasma diagnostic techniques.

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Plasma Thrusters

The plasma parameters, such as ion density and electron temperatures, are measured both inside thrusters (the ion source) and outside thrusters (the plume) to characterize and optimize their efficiency and performance.

Below roundup is a summary of work using the Impedans Langmuir Probe with thrusters.

Langmuir Probe Thruster Application


Roundup highlighting research using the Octiv VI probe for characterization and optimisation of next generation ion thrusters:

Octiv VI Probe in Thruster Application


The Semion RFEA plays a crucial role in characterizing this thruster, measuring the ion energy distributions in the thruster plume.

Semion RFEA in Thruster Application

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